You’re not alone

by Tiina Wilen

I was recently hosting a conversation between some ambitious entrepreneurs in the design and wellbeing space, and our topic was digitalization. I run this kind of round table conversations regularly because for me it’s important to learn what the industry is talking about and what kind of activities different businesses do.

One thing that hit me during this last conversation: how every business owner thinks they are alone with all these questions regarding the growth and decisions of their businesses.

Questions such:

– “what’s the best strategy to get customers THIS year?”
– “should we hire an agency to run our advertising or should we focus on SEO instead?”
– “how do I know it’s time for me to bring in an assistant?”
– “what tools should I invest in to achieve better profits?”

and so on… Millions of questions. Millions of different answers.

When I designed my business strategy (which, by the way, keeps developing each CEO week that we host for our ecosystem and ourselves), I decided to make my business the type of business that keeps answering all these questions.

“What would that mean then?”
“All business consulting / coaching companies answer these questions, no?”

Well. Not all.

There are “coaches” who teach their “clients” the same formulas and while they (hopefully) can answer all the questions about that specific formula, they make themselves UNREACHABLE. 

Some others run programs with 1000+ members at a time, and they are very good at convincing that all these 1000+ people can get personalized advice… except it’s not possible.  

We decided NOT to be that firm.
Our positioning is different.

Ali and I know what happens in our client’s businesses. We know their business models, decisions, challenges, structure, and numbers. We know the founders, ie who we work with, their potential team members, and the names of their spouses and kids. We know what is going on in their lives and businesses.

This is a matter of positioning.

Next week, I’ll share more about positioning, what it is and what it is not. Why it’s important, and what dimensions of positioning most experts lack.


PS. if you want me or Ali to get to know you and custom-create a growth strategy, you can check this out and if it makes sense, just book a call and we’ll talk!

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