You can’t NOT afford to go premium, here’s why

by Tiina Wilen

So many experts; designers, architects, consultants, product designers, artists, gardeners, wellness professionals, and decorators, ask me:

“why go premium? I don’t know if I can do that…”
Here’s what I always tell them:

It is not really a question about IF you should aim for the premium positioning, it’s more about defining what it means to you, and most importantly: what it means for your market.

Then look at your own goals, resources, lifestyle, and aspirations.

And then do the math.

Here’s why going low-price, commodity does not work for a small business, which I believe you have:

The big players can afford it. You don’t.
They enjoy the benefits of volume clients. You don’t.
They enjoy the benefits of massive purchasing power and framework contracts. You don’t.
They have 569 team members. You don’t.
They have millions to invest in marketing. You don’t.
They have tons of different long-term contracts. You don’t.
They have investors. You don’t.

And so we go…

Premium is not the same as a luxury, by the way. Very few small businesses can afford to enter the luxury market either, but every business can decide to become a premium brand.

The second thing you need to consider:

If you have been in business for any period of time, I bet the majority of your client-caused headache is a result of selling quick’n’dirty solutions to people who don’t value you and hence don’t want to pay you more than pretty autumn leaves, no?

And the best client experiences you have had with the ones who are totally induced by your amazingness, have a realistic budget, and actually chose you because you look, feel, sound, and act like a true professional, am I right?

See, it’s not a question of whether or not you should choose the premium brand route, it’s a question of whether you know what it means, and how to strategically transform your business into the premium category.

If you want to make a great living out of your passion and talent, you need to position your business as the number one choice, which sometimes also means that you close the door for the people who can’t afford, want things that you no longer offer, or just don’t value you.

This WILL most likely cause you some night sweats…

Here are 3 ways we at Avenue can help you improve your sleep:

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